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I often spend downtime skimming various news sources for interesting articles or videos to catch up on later. Safari has a neat built-in reading list that I like to use since it does what I need it to do and little else.

The only problem I have is adding items to the reading list when not using an Apple-device, like when I’m using a Windows machine at work. I’ve found a workaround using a combination of two free services - Pocket and IFTTT.

ifttt pocket
The Pocket applet in the IFTTT app

IFTTT (for If This, Then That) is a service that lets you make simple integrations between two supported services. When an event happens in service A, IFTTT makes sure an action you configure happens in service B. Pocket is a read-it-later1 service owned by Mozilla which works with IFTTT. IFTTT also has an app for iOS with support for adding things to the Safari reading list.

Provided you have an account with both services you can find a ready-made applet by searching for Pocket iOS in the IFTTT app for iOS and iPadOS. IFTTT will take you through the process of logging in with Pocket. Once that’s done the setup should be ready to go!

Pocket is integrated in Firefox and has a plugin for Chromium-based browsers, so saving to Pocket is simple from pretty much any operating system and modern browser. Articles saved to Pocket will be picked up by IFTTT and added to the Safari Reading list. There is a delay, but it’s short enough that articles added during the day will be available during the commute home.

Happy reading!

  1. This is where you might wonder why I don’t just use Pocket as a reading list and cut out the middle-man. I’ve tried both Pocket and Instapaper, and common between them is that I forget catching up with the growing backlog. Reading List in Safari is right there in an app I use every day. In Safari 13 items from the reading list are added to Siri suggestions as well, reminding me to get reading.

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