Netlify for static site hosting


I ran into an issue with my hosting provider the other day where my WebAssembly Game of Life wouldn’t run. Turns out the server didn’t recognize .wasm-files and served the wrong MIME-type. I tried my luck with some .htaccess config (the host runs Apache) but only ended up with 500 Server Errors. Figuring I was no longer in my provider’s target segment I started looking around for options.

I entertained the thought of renting a VPS, but found that to be massive overkill for my needs.

So I went with Netlify. I’m not sure where I first heard about them, likely Twitter buzz to be honest. They offer a pretty generous free tier. GitHub and GitLab integration, builds, automatic deploy, custom domain support, and free HTTPS. For me it ticked all the boxes.

Getting started was a breeze – the service is well done, super simple setup.

  • Sign in with your GitLab or GitHub account
  • Point Netlify to the repo containing your site
  • Netlify does some magic to suggest a default branch and build setup
  • You wait for the build to finish, and Netlify sets up a host for you complete with HTTPS
  • Configure your custom domain and let Netlify generate a Let’s Encrypt certificate for it

All in all this took me under an hour to set up, and so far it’s been running well!

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