My first take at drawing with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil


Two weeks back I went full treat-yo’-self-mode and got a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, the keyboard cover to go with it, and an Apple Pencil. I’m not particularly creative – at least in the drawy-painty sense. I work in tech, but I don’t formally do design work. I don’t sketch wireframes or draw user journeys or personas. To me the Pencil (both with lower- and upper case “P”) is more for fun than for work.

Still, now that I have the thing I can put it to some good use in my CSS labs. In the labs I do things. Things that sometimes include image assets. Before, I would look around the web for a suitable image which hopefully was OK to use in an educational setting. But now, with some patience and trial-and-error, I can make my own!

Say hello to Stjernen, my pointy CSS shapes teaching assistant!

stjernen pow
Pow! Stjernen is pointy, which is very handy when we demo CSS shapes together.

I drew Stjernen in Pixelmator. I won’t go into detail on how to start drawing in Pixelmator, but for reference I used the Manga brush to make Stjernen. The brush is listed in the Markers category.

OK, fine. Stjernen wasn’t my first take at drawing…

first steps
My first drawing in Pixelmator.

There. Happy?

If you’re in the market for an iPad that supports the Apple Pencil I recommend picking one up. In the weeks I’ve had one I’ve used it for some kindergarden-level drawing, some precision edits of photos, and annotation of a PDF during review. If for nothing else, get one just for fun 👨‍🎨

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