Blinking the LED on a seven year old Arduino


In 2012 I wanted to learn more about electronics and programming hardware. Arduino was all the rage, and the Leonardo had recently been released. I bought a board and a cook book for cool projects, then quickly lost interest and never did anything with it 🙈

Seven years later I finally got that LED blinking.

I want to applaud the Arduino project for keeping documentation for the older boards so easily available even today. Their Web IDE should work even for this older board. I chose to download the IDE so I wouldn’t have to sign up for yet another account, but the fact that it was even offered is pretty impressive in my opinion.

The blink example is included in the IDE, so this is by no means hard to do. One thing that failed for me was that the IDE recognized the Leonardo board as the Uno. When I tried uploading the code I got an error saying avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 1 of 10: not in sync all the way up to 10 of 10. Setting the board manually under Tools to Leonardo solved the problem.

Now comes the actual hard part – figuring out what to do next 🤔

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